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Finland travel guide - city information

Finland city directory

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The Kuopio region is situated in central Finland, in the verdant province of North Savo, which is interspersed with thousands of lakes. The region can be reached in less than an hour by air from Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and by road or rail the journey only takes a few hours. The backdrop for the summer atmosphere in the Kuopio region is provided by lakes and islands, great to explore on boat cruises, as well as by the landscape of forest-covered hills. Boating, hiking and other forms of outdoor recreation are really spoilt for choice here. The region also boasts a wide variety of cultural activities and events. The lakes, which abound with fish, guarantee good catches throughout the year. Leisure spas with their bubbling pools and baths offer relaxation and invigoration whenever you feel the need. Come and have a great holiday - on your own or as a group. We’ll do our best to ensure that you have fond memories to take back home with you.

The municipality of Kuortane in southern Ostrobothnia is endowed with an abundance of natural beauty. Rivers, sandy lake shores, rolling fields and meadows together with extensive forests provide pleasant setting for life in this peaceful community.
The number one attraction in Kuru is the Seitseminen National Park. It is a versatile center for conservation and study of nature as well as a centre for nature-tourism. The park has forests, marshland and beautiful ridges. Seitseminen National Park comprises of 4000 sq. km of preserved land, two thirds of which is situated within the boundaries of Kuru municipality. The area has over 50 km of marked trails with modest camping grounds and sites for lighting campfires. You can enjoy Seitseminen on your own or on guided trips. 
Kuusamo town is situated in the north-eastern part of the province of Oulu about 800 kilometres distance from Helsinki. Finnair's daily flights reach Kuusamo in about one hour and the roads leading to the area are in excellent condition. Over the years Kuusamo and Ruka have developed into one of the most popular all-year tourist resorts in Finland. Kuusamo is known for its natural beauty. Fells and forests reach as far as the eye can see, a wilderness split by lakes, rivers and rapids. An abundance of snow is guaranteed - normally at least a metre - and it remains sparkling white throughout the season starting from end of October until May. 
The centrum of Kyyjärvi is situated by the lake named Kyyjärvi (chic!) - snake lake. Ekalekansa is the palindrom of a snake lake - Kyyjärvi in finnish. Tourists can see here untouched nature and peacefull environment but still enjoy modern services of high standard. Kallioranta Camping near the centrum and by the lake offers all accommondation in logcabins or in own tents or camping trailers. The Canoeing and Rowing in the Midnight Sun - event starts here. For those who are interested in canoening and descending rapids there are totally 22 of them at the rapidroute of Saarijärvi.
Lahti is a vigorous cultural, sports and business centre in Päijät - Häme.
The modern lakeside city amidst the Salpausselkä ridge landscape of
great natural beauty offers excellent year-round outdoor exercise and
cultural facilities, as well as a favourable, vibrant business environment.
Lappeenranta is the administrative, business and cultural centre of the South Karelia region. The eleventh-largest Finnish city by number of inhabitants, Lappeenranta is a city renowned for its friendly and good-humoured people, its natural beauty, its happy Karelian character and its good prospects for the future. 
During the summer months, Lapua provides visitors with marked nature trails, mapped out cycling routes, canoeing routes, and good opportunities for hunting and fishing. Throughout the year, the Sateenkaari Recreational Swimming Pool offers both recreation and relaxation in its various pools
and saunas. Lots to see and experience, especially for those interested in culture, at the Lapua Old Paukku Cultural Centre.
In Lemi, you'll find clear-watered lakes with 240 kilometres of picturesque shoreline. There are a great number of summer residences in the district, and if you like, you can rent a cottage here. The parish village is situated by Lake Lahnajärvi, around which a walking track leads across a landscape of natural beauty. The track is nine kilometres long and it runs along the ridge lying between Lake Lahnajärvi and Lake Kivijärvi.

Lempäälä has much to offer. In the center you have a choice of more than 100 enterprises and in the whole municipality of about 350 enterprises or offices of business and the service sector. You have the offering of several cultural and historical sights, besides the wilderness and nature trips ,to which all are welcome! Birgitta Trail and Rapids Route are for those interested in nature. The Heritage area "Kuokkalan museoraitti" with many museums for those interested in old days. You’ll find also many places to stay overnight in Lempäälä. According to your purse and liking, you may choose a hotel , health spa or hostel, a holiday cottage, or even farm accommodation all with a friendly welcome.

Lohja has an exellent location near the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and it benefits from a good road network. It takes less than an hour to drive from Helsinki to Lohja. The landscape of Lohja is characterized by manors and gardens. The Lohja area is divided by the ridge Lohja, which forms a watershed for southern Finland´s largest lake system, Lake Lohja. Lohja is a town famed for its cultural events. More than a hundred different events are arranged in the town each year by its residents and organizations. The most notable are the Lohja summer Cultural Festival, the Apple Carnival organized by representatives of business and commerce, the retailers´ Hurlumhei Carnival and the Old Time Christmas market continue the tradition of fairs dating back to the Middle Ages. One unique experience is the Tytyri limestone mine, which has a museum 100 meters below earth´s surface. This attraction and exhibitions are reached using either an old mine wagon or an ultramodern lift. Other places worth visiting are: Lohja museum area, Lake Lohja surroundings, St. Laurence´s church dating from the 16th century, the Kisakallio Sport college, the Floating Restaurant-Café Kaljaasi, the Alitalo vineyard, the St. Laurence Golf and the recreation bath Neidonkeidas.

Lohtaja is well known for its sand dunes on Cape Vattajaniemi. They are the largest sands in Northern Europe. At the tip of the cape is a public beach. Wind has shaped the sand into dunes even twenty metres high, and the dunes form warm shelters for sunbathers even on windy summer days. The sandy beach is 12 kilometres long and covers 1400 hectares! The majority of the Vattajaniemi area belongs to the Finnish Defence Forces, but between training exercises one can go around the area fairly freely. There are usually no shooting training camps during the tourist season. Ohtakari is an island that extends from Cape Vattajaniemi. Nowadays you can get there easily along the embankment road. There is an idyllic fishing village, a fishing museum and an old pilot station on the island that has been known since the 16th century. For decades Ohtakari has been the site of a traditional Fishing Festival, which takes place on the third Sunday of July. Fishermen and vacationists still use cottages that were built in the 1800s. In order to experience the vastness of the sea you can climb up to the top of Pooki, a recently renovated wooden lighthouse. In Ohtakari travellers can find accommodation in cottages or at the Ohtakari Campground. You can also enjoy the sounds of waves crashing against the shore by staying at one of the cottages on the beach (run in conjunction with the kiosk) or the Niemi Holiday Cottages. Viirteen Tupa - a former farmhouse in a picturesque setting gives the traveller a genuine taste of the country environment. Lohtaja is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. The fly line of migratory birds goes through Lohtaja. You can bird at either the observatory tower in the village of Marinkainen or the lighthouse Pook. By going to the lowlands of the Alaviirteenlahti Bay or to the reedy shore you can observe different species than those that thrive on the open sea by Marinkainen or Ohtakari. The Bog Nature Preserve inland by Lake Lehdonjärvi is also an important bird area. The impressive outcrop of boulders called Pesäkivet give one a hint of the tremendous power of the ice age. The highest peaks of this formation of erratic boulders rise to over 10 metres! There is a nature guide in the community who organizes guided bird-watching tours, among other things. Trollfishing or nightfishing on the sea is possible with the assistance of a local entrepreneur. There are two stables for riding enthusiasts.

Loimaa is a lively town of approximately 7,100 inhabitants in South-West Finland (Finland Proper), located by Highway 9, 64 km northeast from Turku and 91 km south of Tampere. About 38,000 people live in the Loimaa economic region. The Town of Loimaa is the financial and administrative center of the region, a large and prosperous agricultural and industrial area. Vast fields and woodlands surround the vigorously developing town which lies by the beautiful
River Loimijoki.

Loviisa, Finland, is a seaside town with a population of 7500. It is located about 87 km east of Helsinki, along the road to St. Petersburg. Loviisa (Lovisa in Swedish) is best known for its fortifications and the wooden houses in its Old Town. The present town centre dates from the 1800s. Both Finnish and Swedish (Finland's two official languages) are traditionally spoken in the Loviisa area. 
Malax is a dynamic community neighbouring the town of Vaasa. It was established in 1973 of the municiplaities of Maalahti, Petolahti and Bergö. The unique archipelago extends 40 km off the mainland, to the outmost islands of the Gulf of Bothnia. Some 550 people of the total population of 5600 live on Bergö island which is easily accessible by a ferry. There are plenty of opportunities for leisure activities, in particular in summertime.

Almost 1.5 million people a year come to Åland, most of them arriving by one of the ferries at the Western Harbour of Mariehamn. Some 260,000 choose to stay for a night or longer and tourism has helped to create a high standard of service in Mariehamn. There are many restaurants, night-clubs and hotels, more than 1,000 hotel beds being available in Mariehamn during the peak season. The town has a large number of shops in relation to its size. In summer an almost Continental atmosphere reigns in Torggatan, the foremost shopping street. Both the Eastern and Western Harbours have popular marinas with good services. The marina in the Eastern Harbour is one of the largest in Scandinavia with more than 300 berths. Restaurants are available for most preferences. You can choose pizza or hamburger from a take-away, a salad at an open-air cafeteria or a good dinner of island specialities in marine environment. The choice is extensive.

Finland city directory

Cities 1 | Cities 2 | Cities 3 | Cities 4 | Cities 5 | Cities 6 | Cities 7 | Cities 8



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