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Finland travel guide - city information

Finland city directory

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Alahärmä is a lively municipality in Western Finland. In Alahärmä, you can experience typical Finnish countryside and nature. Alahärmä also has vigorous entrepreneurial traditions and activity. There is plenty of small industry and also some international businesses in Alahärmä. Metal industry with its subcontracting activities is an important subsidiary industry. Alahärmä industry provides work for some five hundred people. Thanks to entrepreneurship, the unemployment rate in the municipality is one of the lowest in the whole country. Every summer, the regional folk festival "Härmälääset Häjyylyt" is held in Alahärmä. The rich cultural life of Alahärmä manifests itself in several events during the festival: You can experience theatre, art exhibitions, concerts, motor sports etc. Come and see for yourself!

A town (since 1986) in the lake district of Ostrobothnia, population approx. 9000. The majority of the inhabitants earn their living in small businesses and family businesses. Alajärvi is closely connected with architect Alvar Aalto's life and production. He used to spend summers in Alajärvi in his childhood, later in his youth he lived here. Alajärvi is also the birthplace of painter Eero Nelimarkka. In the summer the heart of Alajärvi is a lively place. Rokulipäivät is a great series of events and commercial activities. Local companies, vendors and artisans sell their products on the market throughout the year. Services are well organized, and people from the surrounding region do a lot of their shopping at Alajärvi.
Alavus is a progressive rural town situated in South Ostrobothia, Central Finland. It is a beautiful country town with many lakes and pure green nature. Alavus is the centre of the economic region of Kuusiokunnat and Alavus Juridictional District.The area abounds in natural beauty and is characterised by rivers, lakes, marshes, forests, national parks and the wide plains that stretch as far as the eye can see. The plains and the local dialects have remained the same, and so has the hospitality. The people are hard working, hospitable, honest and unpretentious.

The Anjalankoski of today is a lively and developing town in southern Finland, with approx. 18.000 inhabitants.We appreciate history, live in the present and put our trust in the future. The foundations of the town lie in the forest industry which is spread out along the River Kymi. Stora Enso Oyj and Myllykoski Paper Oy are the principal employers along with the town itself. The companies in Anjalankoski produce cardboard and paper for newspapers and magazines. About 4/5 of the people in Anjalankoski live in the vicinity of the River Kymi. The largest population centres are Myllykoski and Inkeroinen. Agriculture is also very intensive in Anjalankoski. A tenth of the population gets its income from agriculture and forestry. Although the largest rapids of the River Kymi have been harnessed to promote welfare, there is still plenty of natural beauty in Anjalankoski.The River Kymi is still a great river with many unharnessed rapids.
There is plenty to see and do in Elimäki-a typical rural community with its farms, villages, churches, schools, its beautiful neoclassical manor and exotic Arboretum.
Eno is located in the middle of Northern Karelia, in the province of Eastern Finland. Eno is a part of Joensuu region, situated 35 kilometres from Joensuu. Koli is at a distance of 40 kilometres and the biggest wilds of Northern Karelia – Ruunaa, Patvinsuo etc - are from 40 to 70 kilometres away. You can come to Eno by road from five different directions, by rail from east and west and by water up or down the River Pielisjoki. There are two railroad stations and a harbour in Eno, and the nearest airport is in Joensuu.
Unique nature combined with a versatile supply of services make experiences you will never forget possible for you. Enontekiö is being situated by the borders of Norway and Sweden, which gives you the opportunity to take, for example, a day trip to Skibotn, Norway, to see the shore of the Polar Sea, or Kautokeino, which is known as the Lappish capital of Norway. From Karesuvanto you can visit the Swedish village of Karesuando by simply crossing the border river.  Reindeer, dog team and horse trips, snowmobile safaris, snow-shoe trips in the winter or swamp walks on snow-shoes in the summertime and fishing trips of high standard give you a chance to get to know the Enontekiö way of life. The nature's qualifications for hiking, camping, picking berries, mountain biking, canoeing or shooting rapids are excellent.
The second largest city in Finland, Espoo is well known as a centre for high technology, as well as a vital, cultural city. It is also a metropolis surrounded by nature.Espoo's population has climbed from around 40,000 in the 1960s to over 215.000 today, making it the second largest city in Finland. Espoo is a pleasant place to live, work or do business. Espoo offers a wealth of recreation opportunities. Nuuksio National Park and nearly 5,000 hectares of outdoor recreation areas allow visitors a chance to experience genuine Finnish nature at its best within easy reach of the Finnish capital. The city has six golf courses. Its network of paths and trails for walking, jogging, biking and skiing extends for hundreds of kilometres. Plenty of facilities are available for swimming, ball sports, icehockey and other recreational activities.
Eura is pre-historically seen one of the most distinguished places in Finland. Exceptionally rich archaeological findings, mainly from the Iron age ( from Käräjämäki, Luistari, Pappilanmäki ) make Eura well known all around the world.

With support from the EU, Eura has been able to fulfil two extraordinary exhibitions about its pre-history. Naurava Lohikäärme, "The Laughing Dragon " and a pre-historic village in Mannila where one can experience what life was like in Eura during the Iron age. Eura is pre-historically seen one of the most distinguished places in Finland. Exceptionally rich archaeological findings, mainly from the Iron age ( from Käräjämäki, Luistari, Pappilanmäki ) make
Eura well known all around the world.


The municipality of Eurajoki is bordered by the Gulf of Bothnia in the west. Unlike the majority of the Finnish municipalities, Eurajoki has the sea as an essentiai scenic element which offers the opportunity for many activities. While the old function of the sea as the provider of livelihood and additional income has diminished, there has been an increase in its new function as a place for spare time activities and experiences. Boating and sport fishing are popular activities in Eurajoki. ln summer, the shores are crowded with holiday makers and cottage dwellers.


Haapavesi is an active city of about 8000 inhabitants in the Pyhajoki Valley of the the Siikalatva Subregion. We are building a steady future based on our strong traditions. The town has a wide offering of services and the educational and recreational possibilities are great. Haapavesi is the national Kantele Municipality and the power of its culture is presented at the Folk Festival each summer. It is worth while to visit, even from farther away. The nature of Ostrobothnia forms into new terrain in Haapavesi. Because of the numerous lakes and the hilly scenery, the area clearly stands out in the plains of Ostrobothnia. The forests, the riversides with all the farms, and the wide swamp areas are visible characteristics in the nature. One of Finland's most notable bird lakes, Ainali, and one of Europe's largest peat production areas at Piipsaneva are located in Haapavesi. The city centre is situated on a beautiful spot on the shore of the Pyhäjoki River and the Kirkkojärvi Lake.

In Halikko the visitor has the opportunity to cast a glance at its colourful past, to enjoy the varied natural landscape and to take a closer look at the lively pulsating life of the present day - all at the same time. Historical documents mention Halikko for the first time in the 14th century, but already before that, from as early as the 10th century onwards, the area was known for its rich connections in trade and culture. During the Viking Age the area of Rikala in Halikko was one of the most important harbours and trading places. The historical perspective of the municipality unfolds through its many churches. The stone church of Halikko parish was built in the 15th century by the Horn family from Joensuu Manor. The church of Angelniemi island is also of considerable age: it was completed during the second half of the 18th century. Vaskio village church, originally a chapel built at the beginning of the 20th century, represents more recent times.


In Hamina, a traveller can meet vivid history and culture. The 350-year-old town with the circular town plan has retained its appearance which breathes past times. The old star-shaped fortress surrounds the town centre and offers a unique setting for various kinds of summer events. The circular streets are lined by old wooden buildings, churches representing various architectural styles, houses of former influential merchant families as well as a wide park area which constitutes part of the fortress. The sea, countryside and the unique archipelago with its old fishermen´s villages are characteristic of Hamina. There are almost 400 islands, some of which belong to the Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park. The archipelago offers much to see and experience, camping sites with services, and an abundant range of bird species and flora.

Hanko, the southernmost town in Finland, faces the sea on the south, the west and the north. In summertime, Hanko is one of the premier seaside resorts of the country and prides itself on the scope and scale of its events and activities. The Hanko Regatta, SeaHorse Week and the big theatre event are some of the traditional events. The Sunny South of Finland presents you with natural beauty and peace, action and excitement, adventure and sport, and opportunities for romantic evenings in the picturesque seaside restaurants - the sky´s the limit! The “Eastern Harbour” in Hanko, Finland´s largest guest harbour, is where it all happens during the light and balmy summer months. The evening market with its colourful atmosphere and program is surely worth a visit. Take a cruise from the harbour and discover the scenic archipelago. All along the foreshore are the cafés and restaurants offering unforgettable tasty meals and a vibrant nightlife.
Haukipudas is an active municipality situated by the Gulf of Bothnia, with the river Kiiminkijoki flowing through its area. Nature is varied here offering beautiful views of the sea, river, forests and marshes, together with excellent possibilities for fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities. Many people come here to see the river Kiiminkijoki, which has been included in "Project Aqua", an international programme for the protection of waterways, and the beautiful wooden church dating back to 1762.


Relax in Haukivuori in the lap of the lake Kyyvesi, rich in fish and famous for its islands. Haukivuori is located by the Savo railroad close to four cities (Mikkeli, Jyväskylä, Pieksämäki, Varkaus). Try salmon-fishing by the Nykälänkosket rapids, hiking on the Häkkilä trekking trails, paddling in beautiful routes. Snowmobile routes go from one municipality to another and skiing routes from one village to another one. Experience riding Islandic ponies, snowmobile safaris, adventure packages, snowshoe trekking and smoke sauna.


The municipality of Hausjärvi is located in southern Finland, where it nestles amongst towns. The Main railway line from Helsinki to the east runs through three of its villages, Hikiä, Oitti and Mommila and the main line to north serves the fourth village, Ryttylä. In addition, there are major road arteries to south, north, east and west, which make the area easily accessible. Community spirit is reflected by the events organised by village action groups or by other voluntary organisations. They arrange a variety of events ranging from summer markets to an annual rowing event on Lake Mommila.


Heinola IS LOCATED in southern Finland, amidst waterways, ridges and forests, making a real gem at the gate to the lake district in Finland. In Heinola,
the natural environment is always close by: good maps and guides make it easy to get to know the environment. No matter whether you are into snowshoe walking, curling or any other interest, Heinola has the facilities. HEINOLA is ideal for outdoor activities: hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, skiing, mountain biking... There are more than 200 kilometres of hiking
routes, almost 40 kilometres of which are lit! You also have access
to skiing tracks, shelters, huts and campfire sites. The fishing options are extraordinary: Fishing Paradise offers enjoyable moments for trolling,
fly fishing and angling.

Heinävesi is located in the province of Etelä-Savo and the very beautiful area of The Saimaa Lakeland. The population is 4500. Two Orthodox monasteries, unique in the Nordic countries, are situated in Heinävesi. The Monastery of Valamo and the Convent of Lintula are living centres of the orthodox faith and culture and they heartily welcome all visitors.
20 % of the land area is covered by water. The Heinävesi Water Route has been classified as a national heritage landscape. Along the narrow and winding waterway there are no less than six canals giving variety to a boat trip in Heinävesi. The Varistaipale canal with its five locks boasts the largest drop in water level (14.5 metres) in Finland. 

Visiting Helsinki" is a series of articles about the Finnish capital, descriptions of places, ambiences, moods and opportunities. The service will help you plan a physical trip to this northern city, but it also lets you enjoy a virtual visit courtesy of the Net.  A modern city with a population of over half a million, Helsinki is the capital of the Republic of Finland. It stands on a peninsula and several islands in the Baltic. The first year of the new millennium brings a double reason to celebrate: Helsinki will be both marking its own 450th anniversary and basking in the world limelight as one of the European
Cities of Culture.

Helsinki picture gallery here

As the leading parish of Päijät-Häme Hollola has carefully preserved its historical heritage. The architecturally and historically important church with its surroundings, the cultural route that follows the shores of Lake Vesijärvi and leads from Lahti to Hollola church together with the landscape of archaeological interest afforded by the seven villages of Vainio provide memorable experiences. All the different villages in Hollola are very actively involved in folk dancing, acting and in organizing various events of historical interest.


Hyvinkää's varied leisure and recreation facilities extend along the green belt from east to west through the city. This Greenbelt offers a variety of experiences and leisure opportunities. The area has over 300 km of paths and tracks. Kytäjä's and Usmis large forests cater for campers and hikers with a peaceful atmosphere. There you can enjoy fishing, hunting and adventure activities. In Sveitsi's nature park you can admire the beautiful ice age ridge Salpausselkä. There you can swim, walk, ski, skate, ride, play tennis, golf, curling or polo and follow the grey hound races. Hotel and hostel accommodation is also available. At Erkylä's ridge you can walk, ski and experience the thrill of speed at the motorsport centre or familiarise yourself with many types of shooting. The river Vantaa with it's many lakes and tributaries provide a wealth of opportunities for recreation, fishing, canoing and bird watching.

Hämeenlinna is situated on the main from Helsinki to Tampere railway line as well as on the junction of the motorway and main road 10 only one hours drive from Helsinki. The waterway route in Vanajavesi is a tourist attraction. Well over two million Finns live within a hundred kilometres of the town.

Ii is situated on the shores of Bothnia next to E4 highway. Travelling northwards to Ii from Oulu takes you 1/2 hour, the distance is 35 km. From Ii to Kemi it is 70 km. Ii-river which is one of the largest rivers in northern Ostrobothnia flows trough the middle of the village. Many active artists and amateurs live in Ii. The selection of local art and culture is therefore varied. It is possible to enjoy dance, play-acting, writing, painting and music. Ii also offers excellent possibilities to participate in sports activities. The recently renovated sports ground is of international standard with an excellent surface and the electronic timing devices are the very latest. The sports field is in the centre of the village, near all the services. For national events Ii offers anexperienced group of local competition functionaries. In Ii you can ski, orienteer, spend time at a cottage and pick berries. The sea and river offer numerous opportunities for fishing, boating and of course swimming. Or you can simply enjoy the nature around you. 

Finland city directory

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