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  • Albania - [Travel] Albania ferry guide
    All the informations, web sites, timetables, tariffs and contacts for all the ferries to Albania, but also some suggestions for an excellent trip and for saving money and time.
  • Albania - [Travel] Tourism development committee
    The Republic of Albania is located in the western part of the Balkan
    Peninsula and it shares borders with Montenegro and Kosovo to the
    north and northeast , with FYR of Macedonia to the east and
    Greece to the south . In the western part the Albanian shores
    are soaked by Adriatic and Ionian seas.
  • Albania - [Travel] Tourist Village Llogora
    The Llogora Tourist Village blends perfectly in the landscape of a high pine forest, which is a National Park. In this tourist village, visitors find themselves in the midst of evergreen trees and numerous fresh water springs. The sea and the beach are not far away, and during the hot
    summer you can breathe the fresh air of the mountains and during
    the winter you will not miss the snow.


  • Albania - [Hotel] Bermon hotel
    Bermon" Hotel is placed in the periferic area of Tirana city. With a modern tecnology, proffessional managment, modern furnishing, a comfort and a perfect sevices, Bermon hotel is a 4 stars hotel. Quiet, very panoramic, high standarts of hospitality. Built on a 3 floor building, "Bermon" Hotel offers for you a very nice albanian hospitality in a high class hotel.
  • Albania - [Hotel] Doro hotel
    The three star Doro Hotel is situated a few steps from the center of Tirana. It's a quiet location and the hotel provides comfortable, modern accommodations in the heart of Albania's capital.
  • Albania - [Hotel] Hotel Diplomati
    Hotel Diplomat is the first hotel and restaurant in Albania.It was upgrade in 1999. This Hotel is located in the heart of city center,within easy reach of the business districts, government offices and embassies. Rinas Internacinal Airport is 20 minutes away from Tirana the capital city.
  • Albania - [Hotel] Hotel Mondial
    The Hotel Mondial is one of the most modern hotels in Tirana. Built in 1998, the Mondial combines traditional architecture with neoclassical. The hotel is conveniently located 1000 meters from the city center and is in the vicinity of the National Bank of Greece and the I.C. Bank.
  • Albania - [Hotel] Hotel Palma, Tirana
    The Palma Hotel is the ideal choice for business people and international visitors to Tirana, Albania. Just thirty minutes from Tirana's international airport, the hotel is close to main government buildings, the Congress
    Center and the offices of the World Bank and other international Organizations. With its 10 rooms and 2 suites furnished to the highest standards, the Palma offers a level of personalized hospitality which
    sets it apart from other hotels. Our multilingual staff are there to
    solve your problems.
  • Albania - [Hotel] Hotel President, Tirana
    Hotel President offers guests the highest service and can compare to European standards. The menu in the restaurant changes continually and it adjusts to the wishes of the guests. Every detail, from tableware to the arrangement of flowers, is highly esthetic. The menu is made according to world trends in menu making. The hotel has 16 rooms and 1 suite with air-condition, and works on the principle of integrated system of "Intelligent Hotels". It is intended for business men and women who want to rest from work.
  • Albania - [Hotel] Regency hotel, Korca
    The Regency Hotel was built to provide the city of Korca with international class facilities for foreign businessmen as well as American and European tourists.
  • Albania - [Hotel] Tirana international hotel
    With its 149 rooms and 12 suites refurbished to the higest standarts the Tirana International Hotel Is an ideal location for business people. All the more so as the hotel is situated in Skanderbeg Square in the very centre of Tirana and is thus a short distance from the Congress Centre, the Parliament and the Ministry buildings.


  • Albania - [Airline] Ada air
    The first airline in Albania and IATA member since May 1992.
    Operating daily regular flights since 3 February 1992.





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